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Mobile Marketing Ideas from National Brands May 15, 2009

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As part of our goal to keep our readers informed about the latest developments in new marketing technologies, we are always on the search for examples which showcase these technologies being put to use in ways our readers can replicate.  Therefore we wanted to make you aware of some exciting new mobile marketing strategies being utilized by national brands you’ll know.  As you review these mobile marketing strategies, consider how they might be adapted to market your business.  Examples as follows:

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts goes mobile       Catering to travelers on-the-go

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts has launched its Hyatt Mobile Web site for travelers on-the-go, anywhere in the world.

The new mobile site lets guests locate and book a hotel, access reservations and check in or out through any Web-enabled mobile device.



Art Kranzley, chief emerging technology officer foMasterCard launches mobile payments

MasterCard has launched a fully integrated on-demand person-to-person mobile payments platform for issuers in the United States, set to go live later this month.

With this new platform, MasterCard’s participating bank customers will be able to offer mobile P2P payments to their customers via MoneySend. The consumer payments platform provides a way to send and receive funds via SMS, mobile browser, mobile applet or an Internet-connected PC.



Reebok lets consumers customize, buy shoes via mob     Customize shoes from anywhere

Reebok has launched the very first shoe customization application, allowing users to customize and buy their uniquely designed trainers right from their mobile phones.


Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods relies on banner ads to drive traffic Kraft’s new mobile site

Kraft Foods is expanding its reach of consumers through the launch of a new mobile Web site, which will be promoted via mobile search and banner ads on Yahoo’s Web portal.

Kraft Foods relies on banner ads to drive traffic Recipes on the go

With just a few clicks, users can create shopping lists, search their favorite recipes by ingredient or meal category, all by utilizing Kraft’s extensive database of recipes.

Upon choosing a recipe, the consumer immediately accesses the meal’s full ingredient list, preparation and cooking times, as well as the detailed cooking instructions.



Arby's uses mobile coupons to generate buzz for neThe Arby’s Roastburger

Fast food chain Arby’s ran a mobile campaign to promote its new sandwich, the Roastburger.

Alabama consumers were asked to text the word ROASTED to short code 74642 to get a coupon for a free Roastburger.



1-800-Flowers launches multichanel effort targetin      Mobile’s key to a rosy future

The world’s largest florist and gift shop, 1-800-Flowers.com, is leading the charge this Mother’s Day to ensure that no mom gets left behind.

“The strategy here is to reach consumers who are busy and on the go who otherwise may have not had the time to go online and make a flower purchase this Mother’s Day,” said Kevin Ranford, director of Web marketing at 1800-Flowers.com, New York.

1-800-Flowers asks consumers to text the word SPOTAMOM to short code 356937 (Flower) to get 20 percent off of their Mother’s Day flowers.

1-800-Flowers launches multichannel effort targeti     The text message promo

Consumers who double opt-in are added to a database of names that will be marketed to in the future.


Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube launches a geo-targeted mobile ad campa     The Jiffy Lube mobile coupon

Targeting young car owners with fickle loyalty, Jiffy Lube in Los Angeles has launched a geo-targeted mobile ad campaign offering coupons for oil changes.

“Instead of waiting for a customer to find Jiffy Lube through the Yellow Pages, or in their neighborhood, they hope to proactively deliver an appealing money-saving offer to an audience that might not be easily reached another way.”

Jiffy Lube launches a geo-targeted mobile ad campa    Coupons to your phone

The campaign is designed to reach the 18-24 audience in a new way that speaks to their interests via mobile.

Greasing palms
The text message ad copy is appended to user-requested text message content and messages such as “20 percent off Jiffy Lube Oil Change! Reply JIFFY” or “Save $7 on a Jiffy Lube Oil Change! Reply JL.”

Jiffy Lube taps LCW Wireless’ Cricket Perks mobiFollow the Oregon Trail to Jiffy Lube

Customers who reply to the ad will receive a text message with a coupon code for redemption, and an invitation to find their nearest Jiffy Lube location by replying via text message with their ZIP code.



Nike takes NikeWomen Training Club mobile    Train, train, train

Sportswear maker Nike has extended its Nike Training Club program to mobile to target active women on the go.

The idea of the new app is to get consumers to train like an athlete with the Nike Training Club. Essentially, app users have access to a personalized training program.



Retail giant Target enters mobile commerce      Target’s mobile app

Target Corp., the No. 2 mass merchandiser after Walmart Stores Inc., has made its debut on the iPhone with the launch of the Target Gift Finder application.

Users can search for gifts by personality, price, gender and age. The application allows users to buy any of the merchandise found on http://www.target.com using their credit card.



Fast-food chain Subway launches mobile ordering sy Subway is known for its subs

Subway is letting its customers place orders via their mobile phone, before they even get to one of the fast food chain’s locations.

The service lets customers order ahead via the Web or through a text message to skip the line at quick-serve restaurants.  Diners get a text back confirming when their order will be ready.


Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery enters mobile A Cold Stone mobile coupon

Cold Stone Creamery ran a mobile coupon program during the holidays to get consumers in-store and ultimately drive sales.

“The strategy for this client’s campaign was to enable the measurement of responses to a spot, track redemption and utilize a new medium which had never been used by the brand to promote their products before,” said Shira Simmonds, president of Ping Mobile, Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Viewers that texted in recieved a message that said, “Show this msg @Cold Stone Creamery & get a FREE Love-It ‘Create Your Own’ when buy 1! Use Code: PLU#17. valid@participating locations. Hurry, expires 1/31/09!”

Also, participants were sent a message with an option to opt-in for future promotions. It said, “Reply YES 2 get more Xclusives from Cold Stone Creamery+Cox! Mx4msgs/mo. std txt rts aply. Reply YES Now!”


American Airlines

American Airlines    Upwardly mobile

American Airlines is targeting mostly mobile customers with a new service that recognizes callers inquiring about upcoming journeys.

The service, called “Remember Me,” is based on caller ID technology to help American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty program customers when they call in for information such as departure gate and flight times. The technology will cut down the response times to calls made.

With Remember Me, the response time is reduced to between 25 seconds and 30 seconds, according to AA.


We hope the many and varied national brand mobile marketing ideas showcased here have given you the start of an idea for how mobile marketing can benefit your business.  For additional information on Mobile Marketing, or to learn how we can help you develop a Mobile Marketing campaign for your firm, please contact us via our website or email us at info@strategicgrowthconcepts.com

A Social Media ‘How to’ for Small Business March 29, 2009

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In my conversations with small business owners about social media and utilizing it to promote their businesses, one theme is consistent in almost every conversation, and that theme is their intimidation about using it.

This intimidation likely results from the fact that social media is still a relatively new medium, particularly for those who have not previously been involved in the internet or advertising industries. Therefore, as with all new technology-based ideas, there is a learning curve involved in bringing the masses up-to-speed. To help enable that learning and shorten the curve for readers of this blog, I went in search of some other writers’ “tips” to add to my own, which can help you get started with an easy-to-understand procedure.

The following are among the best of the articles I found, and I believe a review of these articles should be enough to help you get started.

  • During this quest I found a blog posting that was specifically targeted to small business and will get you started in the right direction. Click HERE to read information from Chris Garrett in an article entitled, “Quick Social Media Tactics for Small Business”. I like Chris’ list, but one thing that I do see as a problem with it is that I’m don’t believe it’s basic enough for the majority of people in search of this information.
  • Another interesting article I found in the New York Times included an interview with a small business owner who has effectively put social media to work for his business. It even provides an example of a promotion he did utilizing social media and two other methods of advertising. He tracked the costs and results of each method to identify which provided the best ROI. Click HERE to read the article.
  • A third article I found on the Startup Nation website speaks specifically about LinkedIN, a social networking site for business people. This site allows you to develop a very comprehensive profile on yourself and your business, allows you to join ‘discussion groups’ on just about any topic of your choice, and also allows you to start groups if you want to be the one managing the discussion. I personally recommend this site as the one you start with, and I suggest that you begin with building out your profile as completely as you can (it’s very easy to understand and implement). I then recommend that you do a search for groups in your industry and join a couple of them. For the first week or two, just observe – or answer a question/comment in the group discussions now and then. The idea is to get a feel for the “personality” of the group, ie: what gets positive reaction and what gets negative reaction. After you’ve ‘learned your way around’ so to speak, then you should start making postings in the group –information of interest, articles you’ve seen, resources group members would find of value, etc. These postings are designed to help you build your credibility as an expert – but DO NOT attempt to sell anything. Click HERE to read the Startup Nation article for additional information.

Social media is a burgeoning industry these days. Almost everyday I learn about another site that seems to be gaining momentum. The danger for a small business owner lies in trying to participate in all of them (and I know several who have tried!) and ends up doing none of them well and getting nothing else in his/her business accomplished. A far better strategy is to check them all out as you learn about them, but only join those that really look as though they will have value to your business. To help you start your process, have a look at this list of social media sites by Peter Bordes; it’s comprehensive but by no means complete. Review the sites that interest you and try a couple of them out. And remember, start slow – observe first and then begin participating. It will make your participation much more productive once you become more active.

If after reviewing these materials you still feel you need some guidance on developing the best social media strategy for your business, please feel free to call upon us. We can be reached by email at info@strategicgrowthconcepts.com.


The author, Linda Daichendt, is Founder, CEO and Managing Consultant at Strategic Growth Concepts, a consulting firm specializing in start-up, small and mid-sized businesses. She is a recognized small business expert with 20+ years experience in providing Marketing, Operations, HR, and Strategic planning services to start-up, small and mid-sized businesses. Linda can be contacted at linda@strategicgrowthconcepts.com and the company website can be viewed at www.strategicgrowthconcepts.com.