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Wondering How Mobile Marketing Works? Let ‘The Mobile Mavens’ Help! November 15, 2010

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Have you thought about using Mobile Marketing to promote your business?  Have you wondered how it works, or what your customers will REALLY think about it?

If you’re like a lot of small business owners these days, you’re hearing a lot about Mobile Marketing and wondering if it has any value for you and your business.  You’ve probably heard the Mobile success stories that are all over social media, but that doesn’t really tell you how to mount an effective Mobile campaign does it?

If you’re interested in learning what businesses throughout North America and around the world are doing with Mobile Marketing – and how you can benefit from others’ experience, please join ‘The Mobile Mavens’ on the The Mobile Marketing Review.  From idea conception, to tie-ins with other marketing mediums, to the opt-in messages they’re using and how to make them most effective, as well as the results they’re getting. You can follow ‘The Mobile Mavens’ on each show as they evaluate Mobile campaigns from businesses small and large around the globe, and gain many take-a-ways that you can put to use in your own Mobile campaigns!

And, if you’re already using Mobile Marketing to promote your business, the Mavens are currently on the search for their next featured campaign to review.  If you would like your company’s Mobile campaign to be considered for inclusion on the show be sure to submit it to the The Mobile Marketing Review.

‘The Mobile Marketing Review’ Gets Ready to ‘Hit the Air’ October 20, 2010

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In my work with small and mid-sized businesses and advertising agencies, I am often asked, “what makes for a good mobile marketing campaign” and “how do I know what consumers will react to on mobile”.  As a result, for some time I’ve been considering a variety of ways to provide small and mid-sized firms with an easy way to obtain this information.  Now I’ve found the right solution!

I have recently joined forces with two mobile industry power-houses, Kim Dushinski (author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook) and Peggy Anne Salz (publisher and chief analyst for the Top 50 technical blog, mSearchGroove) in producing a regular podcast for the mobile industry. Entitled, ‘The Mobile Marketing Review‘, this forum will provide us the opportunity to share our collective experience; educate the industry, business owners and marketers, and agencies who are interested in bringing mobile to their clients; and to help communicate the best practices that are part of working with mobile.

Taking the name, The Mobile Mavens, we will launch The Mobile Marketing Review podcast series on Tuesday (October 26th ).

On our new website (dedicated to the news and views around our new series) we offer companies the opportunity to submit their mobile marketing and advertising campaigns (via this form) for our consideration.

Each month we will use our podcast as a platform to review a selection of the mobile campaigns that are submitted to us, and provide our expert analysis on how well the campaigns achieved their objectives (and served the interests of the most important stakeholders: consumers).

We kick off the first podcast in the series with an in-depth look at a recent mobile/cross-media campaign to promote Arby’s Roastburger sandwich. The campaign, which was developed by Hipcricket, is also a finalist in the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Awards North America product launch category.

Moving forward, we are eager to receive campaigns from small businesses, local brands and emerging markets.

We would like to encourage brands and agencies everywhere to submit your mobile marketing campaign via this form. It’s your chance to know how your campaign really stacks up and (hopefully) learn ways to generate positive results for your company, and valuable content and experiences for your consumers.

Meantime, check out the web/mobile site and follow Kim, Peggy and myself on Twitter (@MobileMktgRview).