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Endorsements of our Work

“During the past ten months I have hired Linda for a multitude of marketing projects and have been quite pleased with the extent of her marketing knowlege, especially in mobile marketing. Always thinking of mobile marketing as just a little more than text messaging, I was pleasantly surprised as Linda tirelessly demonstrated to me the various aspects of effective mobile marketing and how it could be utilized to significantly increase foot traffic to local businesses.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Linda as a guest on her Strategic Growth Concepts Blog Talk Radio show, and have been impressed by her ability to keep her guests engaged and the conversation moving along without missing a beat. Upon downloading the podcasts of several of my guest appearances on the show, my clients have expressed similar sentiment. Her professionalism has certainly left a lasting impression on my clients. Ultimately, that is a good reflection on me as well.

Linda has completed several very important projects for me as a Strategic Partner of my company, franchisEssentials. The attention to detail has been second to none and the projects have always been delivered ahead of schedule. Overall, the projects have always exceeded my expectations despite some interesting challenges I’ve been forced to share with her with along the way. Plain and simple, she gets the job done with no excuses. I would highly recommend Linda for any simple or complex marketing project for small to mid-size companies, as she certainly has the drive, knowledge and resourcefulness to accomplish the “wow” effect that is often needed to exceed the goals and objectives of the project itself.”

– Paul Segreto, Founder/President, franchisEssentials

“… When I first hired her firm …, I was amazed at the level of detail that went into the process. From the education of the customer, to the training of the employees and all of the communication and execution in between…”

— Bernie O’Meara, CFO, Wireless Toyz


“Linda provided clear thinking and recommendations in an extremely tough business environment.  She is thorough, knowledgeable and pro-active.”

— Sandra Jackson, former VP Marketing, Roberd’s


“… teamed up … for ideas for marketing franchises to prospective franchisees…insures that the company’s branding message is consistent across all channels.  She values measuring and monitoring to maximize the use of available marketing dollars…”

— Gail Parker, National Franchise Development Manager, Wireless Toyz


“… very detailed and organized management style…Linda knows how to get the job done right…”

— Louie Katsaros, National Yellow Pages Manager, Simons Michelson Zieve Advertising


“…has always been professional, direct and honest.  Linda has worked tirelessly to help franchisees get their message out to the public in an efficient, cost-effective manner while always exploring and keeping an open mind re:  getting the biggest bang for our advertising dollars. Linda will tell you what you need to hear, maybe not always what you want to hear.  I appreciate honesty and directness.”

— Cynthia Solaka, Owner, Solaka, Inc.


“… offers extensive leadership experience building teams that produce results.  Linda possesses creative skills in developing and implementing Advertising / Promotions that drive top-line sales.”

— Dave Keegan, Vice President of Franchise stores, Wireless Toyz


“Linda is the consummate professional in every sense of the word. She is extremely focused and dedicated, and possesses an uncanny ability to trouble-shoot.  She has the ability to develop strategic planning and marketing campaigns on many levels simultaneously, and easily grasps the nuances that others miss.  I found Linda to be an exceptional team player, and she is generous with her knowledge in helping others excel as well.”

— Patty Marcum, former Director of Retail at BoRics Haircare


“… awesome to work with. Very hard working (crazy hours), dedicated, organized, and a strong leader of her team, vendors, and franchisees across the country.  She is both an idea person and a program executor.  Wins the respect of her colleagues with an honest, straight-forward approach.”

— Howard Krugel, Director of Sales and Marketing, Dietz Trott Sports and Entertainment


“…has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility…”

— D’Jhonia Hicks, Operations Communications, Wireless Toyz


“… an engine that doesn’t stop and is always available to give her insight. In a world where having someone return your call is a miracle, Linda always provided proficient and efficient service.  She knows marketing, earns the respect of her peers and employees, and can be counted on.”

— Sanjay Dave, Entrepreneur in Residence, INC3 Ventures, LLC


“WOW!  What a dynamic person!  Linda amazed me on a constant basis, she never sleeps!  Linda operated her department producing a consistent product with exceptional results. She took a program that was in complete disarray and turned it into a product that was easy to use, and produced ads that we in the stores had never even dreamed about.  She is a winner for sure.

Jay Young, President,  Atlantco LLC


“.. She has passion and her expertise speaks measures… defines what it truly means to be a leader.”

— Lawrence Dawood, Director of Training, Wireless Toyz


“…has an exceptional instinct for seizing marketing opportunities that many others would miss.  She has a keen ability to assess the strengths of those around her, enabling her to utilize the talents within her team to their maximum potential.  Linda’s work ethic is second to none…”

— Brian Tripp, Advertising Manager, Aco Hardware


“… faced the unique challenge of selling her very good ideas to several strong-headed franchise owners. Linda was professional and well-spoken … and did an amazing job of “selling” her ideas, teaching these owners how to grow their businesses independently, while also positively impacting the company as a whole…”

— Kelly Young, Owner, Wireless Toyz


“… She brought experience and guidance to the table.  Her background with planning and implementing events was exceptional, as well as her attention to detail…

— John Lee, CEO, Impact Marketing Services


“I am a small business owner that had the pleasure of working with Linda quite frequently.  She had the same interest in the success of my business as I did. I will miss working with her, and I intend to keep in touch with her and hope she is still able to assist me with her great ideas to grow my business even more.”

— Tom Kirma, Owner, Wireless Toyz


“…played a key role for our organization in developing our marketing plan for us…researched and assembled a detailed plan which fed our budgeting process and continues to act as the template for on-going marketing activities…”

— Jeff Henel, Consulting Executive, Resources Global


“Linda’s extensive marketing skills have helped her clients achieve success.  She has had experience in all facets of marketing, and uses this to her benefit when developing marketing plans.”

— Linda Kostka, Regional Director of Development, Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio


“…beautifully balances careful planning and involving the right people to move initiatives forward quickly and steadily.  She has perfect follow-through and has always exceeded my expectations in the quality of her work.  She is fearless, honest, and sincere.  I trust her completely…”

— Andrea Sorensen, Owner, Wireless Toyz


“… Balancing multiple projects, working with many diverse personalities and keeping it all moving forward takes a special skill set and Linda definitely has it.”

— Kathy Johnson, Owner, Old Dog New Tricks Advertising


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